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Daryl Norman Hefti, born in Zurich 1982, started his career as a DoP in 2002. His first steps in filming were all about skate- and snowboardvideos before he set his focus on commercial and feature films. After several years of working experience he scored a placement immediately at the Master of Arts in cinematography. He studied at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Universität Zürich and Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München. Under the supervision of Michael Ballhaus he specialized on visual storytelling and studio work. Since then he’s shooting internationally commercials, features and music videos.


  • Fruition, life and dream of Nicolas Müller,  Winner best documentary at the 7th Art Film Festival Miami - official selection at the Kansas Internation Filmfestival - official selection at the Balinale International Filmfestival - Winner at the european Cinematography Award - official selection at the Banff Mountain Film Festival
  • Cannes Corporate 2016 Silver for Helsana Rocket
  • New York Festival - Silver World Medal, Cannes Corporate - Silver and US Int. Film- and Video Festival 2016 - Creative Excellence for Swiss Life "worauf es im Leben ankommt"
  • Corporate Publishing Award 2015 for Migros annual report
  • Shortlist Cannes for FCZ Women Football (Konzept) PR
  • Bronze ADC Cube for FCZ Women
  • Bronze ADC Cube for Greenpeace David
  • Silver EDI for Bligg "Manhattan"
  • World Media Festival 2010. Intermedia-Globe Gold for - Swiss-Life Boxer
  • Int. Wirtschaftsfilmtage 2010. Silver Victoria for Swiss-Life Boxer

Master of Arts in Film - Cinematography at the University of Arts in Zürich

Collaboration with Directors
Martin Luchsinger, Elias Ressegatti, Sandro Bäbler, Luki Frieden, Tobies Fueter, Reggie Pack: Rainer Binz, Benjamin Kempf, Spendser, David Constantin, Tom Kolinski, Diana Scheunemann, Patrick Senn, Adam Razvi, Patrick Karpiczenko, Hans Kaufmann, Olivier Egli, Stephan Usteri, Jessie Fischer, Lawrence Blankenbyl, Rolf Hellat, Chris Niemeyer, Sean Fee, Christian Wehrlin, Natascha Beller, Simon Nagel, Darko Dragicevic, Jyri Pasanen, Janos Menberg, Ari Zehnder, Leonidas Bieri, Jonathan Heyer, Adrian Wisard, Rajko Jazbec, Simon Helbling, Luca Faes, Markus von Känel, Oliver Schmuki, Toan Nguyen, Mathias Truniger, Meret Madörin, Aurèlia Marine, Gabriele Köstler-Kull, Peter Beck